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Harvest Hills Farm


Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in Jo Daviess County in the northwest corner of Illinois. Its rolling hills and pre-glacial terrain make it uniquely suitable for our main farm products:


Black Angus beef cattle and Katahdin sheep

wine grapes for the home winemaker,

and culinary herbs and vegetables.




We promote the concepts and values of environmentally ethical and humane farming. We support "GAP" (good agricultural practices) and food sanitation and food safety practices throughout our farm, continuously updating our education to incorporate the highest standards for farming practices. 


We appreciate our customers who support these same principles.

Harvest Hills Farm is proud to be recognized AND CERTIFIED by two organizations with the highest standards for raising grassfed, free range animals. We invite you to visit their websites to review their standards and farm requirements. These organizations are our third-party auditors, assuring you that our farm and our animals, black Angus beef cattle and Katahdin meat sheep, meet their published standards. 

WATCH this site for WINTER season availability of AWA, AGA certified Katahdin Culinary LAMB!


Harvest Hills Farm is ready to take reservations for our 2015 Culinary Beef sales.

We offer direct-to-consumer sales of our USDA inspected, AGA- and AWA- certified culinary black Angus beef by the half or full steer-- with processing, basic butchering for consumer use, and delivery within a 150 mile radius included in our pricing! 2015 pricing is $4.95/lb based on the hanging weight at the time of slaughter.

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You can Email us at:


Harvest Hills Farm * 4062 South Rodden Road* Hanover * IL * 61041
Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef and Katahdin meat sheep, fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs.