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Saturday, 25 May 2013
Sweet and Savory Kale
Topic: Education and Values

It has been busy around this Farm the past two weeks--but the garden is finally planted and the new calves are being born on schedule.

Last night after spending the entire previous day-- several hours-- non-stop planting transplants and seeds and diligently watering them all in, we stopped for about 10 minutes to watch the amazing full moon rise  No, I didn't get a photo, a slow motion video would've been more interesting. It was a great conclusion to weeks of prep work by the tractor and my husband and then both of us finally planting everything.


So, the cattle are busy eating THEIR greens.




But, MY greens are still twinkles in my eyes. I had to resort to the fresh market for a package of kale. And, I'm so glad I did. I found this great recipe that I am sharing below "Sweet and Savory Kale".


If you'll recall in my last post, I mentioned that certain people should not eat raw food, because no matter how well it is washed, it is not sterile, so there are still organisms on the surfaces. For those with weakened immune systems or low white blood cell counts, they shouldn't take the chance of getting infections from raw foods. But EVERYONE can eat this cooked kale recipe, because the food is heated through, above the so-called "temperature danger zone" (41-135 degrees F) where bacteria multiply best. Because it's a cooked food, you should refrigerate leftovers promptly and then re-heat leftovers (this "previously heated food") to 165 degrees.


Wow! Lots of food safety rules but worth the read--keep everything safe for everyone!


Sweet and Savory Kale



(Nature's Greens Recipe)



2 Tbsp. Olive oil


½ medium onion, chopped (I used a red onion)


3 large clove soft garlic, minced



Heat olive oil in a large skillet and saute onion and garlic, until soft.



Whisk together:


2 Tbsp. Dijon Mustard


1 Tbsp. cider vinegar


1&1/4 cups of chicken broth


Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and add:



12 cups of washed and chopped kale leaves (1 lb bag of pre-prepped kale greens)



Stir in the greens and cook until the kale leaves are wilted.



Add: 1/3 cup dried cranberries, stir and simmer until the liquid has reduced by half, at least 10 minutes.



(The recipe also calls for ¼ cup sliced almonds sprinkled on top but I omitted this, favoring the cooked greens right at this point.)

Doesn't this look good???






Posted by Karen at 21:36 CDT
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