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Black Angus Beef Cattle
Our Black Angus cattle are raised naturally in a free-range herd. Our cattle diet consists of grasses and legumes, completely free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, growth promoters or other additives. We grow all of our winter hay in fields without any chemicals and registered with Driftwatch.
Their water supply is from natural, spring-fed creeks and our farm well. Water is tested annually.
Our cattle are all bred and born on the farm. The calves are weaned naturally. They grow to maturity without any hormones or additives or growth promoters or grains, instead eating free range on a mixture of grasses and legumes.

Grass fed cattle are known for lower saturated fat content, higher omega-3 fatty acid content. Free range herding and natural growth unenhanced by hormones or antibiotics or growth promoters assure a more humane life for the cattle.
See above tab "About Ordering Beef" for information and links to sites explaining various cuts of beef and cooking.


"Our Culinary Lamb" Katahdin Meat Sheep

Please see the above tabs "About Ordering Lamb" and "Cuts of Lamb." There are links to take you directly to sites showing the various cuts, yields and cooking methods.

Contact us by email if interested in whole lamb available for Easter season annually.

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Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef and Katahdin meat sheep, fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs.