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About Ordering Beef
Welcome to the 2018 Season for our direct-to-consumer sales of Black Angus culinary beef. 2018 Pricing is $4.95/lb. based upon the hanging weight of the individual, tagged steer you are sold. The "hanging weight" is the weight of the hanging carcass determined at the time of slaughter in the USDA inspected, humane-slaughter plant. Pricing INCLUDES slaughter fee, basic butchering and packaging for home use in opaque freezer wrap, and delivery of the frozen product to your residence within a 150 mile location of the processing plant (AJ Lena Meats, Lena, Illinois).

Processing dates are on Wednesdays. The carcasses then hang for a minimum of 2 additional weeks before butchering (packaging and freezing). Deliveries will be scheduled on the 3rd Monday following the slaughter date. See" How to Order Beef" to select reservation dates, assuring your availability on the anticipated delivery date linked to it.

To Our Customers: Our market is the discriminating home consumer who values culinary beef and knows how to use it! We welcome the select custom butcher and the private restaurant and caterer. We can provide custom butchering for restaurants, caterers and can also provide cattle to the custom butcher. Email for more information.

More Questions about Beef cuts, yields, cooking??
About.com is an excellent site for culinary arts' questions.
Click on the word "BEEF" below to take you directly to the Beef site.


Another GREAT site is the American Angus Beef Chart. This document shows you the various cuts and expected yields from each location based upon our cattle breed, Black Angus.
Click on the word "ANGUS BEEF CHART" to go directly to their site.


Do you have any questions about ordering beef?
Call the farm  (815) 591-3645 -OR-
 Send us an e-mail and Karen, Mike or Nancy will follow up:



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Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef and Katahdin meat sheep, fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs.