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About Ordering Beef
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How Our Beef is Ordered and Delivered
Harvest Hills Farm Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef are sold by the full steer or half steer (a half steer is also called a "side" of beef ). However, we CAN arrange for splits of an order into front and rear quarters or into equal mixed quarters, which is caled a "divided half "--if a group is getting together for a single purchase.

We price our beef sales according to the "hanging weight"of the individual animal which is determined at the time of processing.
"Hanging weight" is the post slaughter weight of beef, minus the initial waste. Hanging weight of the typical full animal is around  700-750 lbs.  If you are interested in a half  ("a side of beef"), then you will be charged based upon one-half of the hanging weight of the full beef that is processed. The actual hanging weight of the individual animal will determine your final bill and will be finalized at the time of slaughter.
2014 Beef is priced at $4.90/lb,
based upon the hanging weight
and INCLUDES processing, basic butchering 
and delivery to your home
(See details below)

Our beef reservation orders are taken-- by email or call with confirmation email-- for processing and delivery May through October. See "How to place an order for beef."
"Butchered beef" means the meat and products that you will receive packaged, after you have decided what butchered cuts you want.  

Please see the Angus Beef Chart  https://www.angus.org/pub/beefchart.pdf  which is an excellent tool to help you understand the possible cuts and percentages expected of meat from each area of the beef.

We will walk you through the selection of your butchering requests, as needed. All remaining trim cuts will be ground for you. Liver, oxtail, tongue, heart and soup bones are available.
The cost of basic butchering is included in your purchase price determined by the hanging weight. 

Processing beyond basic butchering, such as curing or making jerky, sausage, patties, etc is available at our processor, AJ Lena Maid Meats, but will incur additional fees determined by the processor and may affect free delivery if it delays pickup. It should also be noted that requesting curing of meat or making sausages will not guarantee that your beef is returned to you as these are prepared in batches by the processor.

Your beef will be custom butchered, labeled, and packaged in opaque freezer wrap for long term storage, and delivered frozen to your home. Meat should be immediately placed into freezer storage. We recommend storage at zero to minus 10 degrees.  Delivery times will be coordinated so that you can be prepared to put it in your freezer. Meat should remain frozen if not used immediately. It will remain in excellent quality if kept continuously frozen in a deep freeze (not a self-defrosting freezer) for at least two years.
We will utilize our regional USDA and Animal Welfare Approved meat processor for processing and butchering.
The official hanging weight is determined post slaughter at the processor. Your final balance of payment is determined then. 

  • We request a $500.00 deposit two weeks before a steer is processed.
  • Final Payment is due at the time of delivery by cash or check.
  • State of Illinois 1% direct-to-consumer tax will be added.
Free delivery to your location up to 150 miles is included in your purchase price and extends to Galena, Dubuque, Rockford, and Chicago area customers.

We provide a source of excellent quality, fully grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone- free, humanely raised Black Angus Beef. We value the high standards of the American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved association and their recognition of HARVEST HILLS FARM .  All animals are born and raised continuously in the free range herd and sold at natural maturity in accordance with the standards of these two organizations.

Our market is the health conscious, discriminating restauranteur, chef, grocery, or home consumer, concerned about the highest beef quality and the humane, most natural treatment of cattle.
General Information
We suggest that families and friends may want to get together for a single purchase and split, according to their preferences and needs, allowing broader access to a high quality, fresh product . We can provide equal divisions of a single purchase of a full steer or a side of beef, upon request. 

Standard butchering for home consumer use will be provided per individual order and is included in the purchase price.  Soup bones, liver, tongue and oxtail will be made offered as available, upon request. Packaging is opaque freezer wrap with external labeling of the cut of meat.  Ground beef is packaged in 1 or 2 lb. tubes as desired.

All beef is aged at the processor for a minimum of 14 days before butchering. There is usually a three to four week turnaround between delivery of live cattle to the processor and final delivery of butchered meat to your location. You will have your final bill available at least 1 week before delivery.

Do you have any questions about ordering beef?
Call the farm  (815) 591-3645 -OR-
 Send us an e-mail at:



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Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef, vintage wine grapes, and culinary herbs.