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About Ordering Grassfed Lamb

About our Sheep-Our Ewes and Ram are registered Katahdin meat sheep.

We sell our lamb annually as a butchered whole carcass, if desired. All usable meat from an individual lamb is butchered to standard culinary cuts for home use, wrapped, labeled and delivered directly from the processor frozen to the customer home. Processing and butchering is done at AJ Lena Maid Meats in accordance with humane slaughter standards, and all meat is USDA inspected.

You'll receive butchered meat, packaged and labeled as follows:

Leg (2)- each leg is cut into American leg of lamb roast and sirloin roast

Shoulder (2)- Rolled shoulder roast

Loin/ribs- will be cut into lamb chops- 4 to a package

Shanks (2)- whole

Breast and all Trim Cuts: 50% as lamb stew, 50% as ground lamb, in 1 lb. packages

Neck Bones- wrapped

Heart, tongue, liver, kidneys- wrapped separately

Whole lamb is also available- Delivery is FREE to locations within 150 mile radius of the processor in Lena, Illinois

If interested in lamb, we have whole or butchered (as above) available annually for Easter season "Spring Lamb"

Please contact Karen or Mike

by Email at: agoodharvest.usa@gmail.com

or by regular mail: Harvest Hills Farm, 4062 S. Rodden Road, Hanover, Illinois 61045

or by phone: 815-591-3645 and leave a message

WE DO INVITE INQUIRIES about direct sales to custom butchers and restaurants in larger quantity. Whole lamb is available for Easter season annually "Spring lamb"

Please contact Karen or Mike directly by email: agoodharvest.usa@gmail.com or phone 815-591-3645.


Harvest Hills Farm * 4062 South Rodden Road* Hanover * IL * 61041
Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef and Katahdin meat sheep, fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs.