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Cuts of Lamb

The following is taken with permission from Sheep! magazine for the education of our sheep customers.

More information is available at www.SheepMagazine.com

Leg Cuts: Roast,broil, braise

Loin: Broil, pan fry or grill

Shoulder: Roast

Breast and Shank: ground lamb- pan fry, grill or bake and lamb stew- braise

Shank: Braise

About.com is an excellent site to review culinary arts, including the cuts of lamb, their location, carcass yields and cooking methods.

Click on the word "LAMB" below to go directly to the Cuts of Lamb section, where you learn all about lamb butchering and cooking.


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Harvest Hills Farm is a family-owned farm located in the rolling hills of northwestern Illinois, in pre-glacial terrain of the Upper Mississippi River Valley, raising free-range, grass-fed Angus beef and Katahdin meat sheep, fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs.